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The Mary Dolly Foundation was founded to help and support children and young people in need, their families and elderly citizens access services they may otherwise not be able to use.

Our aim is to promote and provide opportunities for real change for those we work with, helping to alleviate the effects of emotional distress and facilitating those involved to reach their full potential and enhance quality of life.

Work with children, young people and families include:

  • One -to-one counselling for children and young people
  • Play therapy, drama therapy, art therapy
  • Group work with children and young people. Groups run on various topics such as:
    • Behaviour & anger management
    • Self esteem o Self awareness
    • Prevention of sexual exploitation
  • Family work supporting families through times of stress in order to prevent the disintegration of family units
  • Drama and performance clubs


Referrals: If you are an external organisation who would like to refer to the Foundation, please contact the Foundation on info@marydollyfoundation.org.uk to request a form.


Elderly Citizens

The Mary Dolly Foundation wishes to help elderly people who may be cut off from basic services and the community that they live in. We aim to provide them with care and simple treatments necessary for good health and mobility, as well as restoring their feeling of belonging and acceptance within their community with inclusive socialisation.

Young girl shows off muddy hands

Teenage boy plays a guitar